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Local Crime

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch receives information from Colin Freeman, Essex Watch Administrator for West Essex, who collates local crime activity from the Crime Reduction Officers based in Essex Police stations and from the Metropolitan Police. These are 'local' crime issues as the theft of domestic heating fuel, bogus callers, theft of metal, theft of mobile phones and catalytic converters from vehicles. All these types of crimes that when it happens, we lose not only something that is of value, but sometimes of sentimental value, that no insurance payment can replace.

The theft of gold rings and other items of high value that are stolen by the burglar and sold for cash are also of sentimental value and the stolen bicycle is also highly 'prized' by the young 8 or 10 year old.

Many residents in Harlow enjoy their free time on an allotment, enjoying the company of other residents. The allotments in Harlow are under constant attack with valuable tools being stolen, sheds being wrecked and vegetables plots being destroyed.

All these things and many others, blight our everday life and the way we would like to live. Yet we can make a difference and help our local policing teams to apprehend those responsible so that we can enjoy our hobbies without the worry of any criminal activity to upset it, to upset our children, our friends or our neighbours.