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Operation Insight

by Paul Wadley on Fri, 4th Dec 2015 8:17 pm

Operation INSIGHT is Essex Police’s response to burglaries and is based on the theory of “predictive policing” which, as the name suggests, is about using a particular form of crime pattern analysis indicating where crimes are most likely to happen.

Academic research indicates that criminals are habitual in behaviour and go back to the locations where they have had previous success, this supports the theory of Repeat and Near Repeat Offending (i.e.;  you are more likely to become a victim if you live near a victim).
Predictive Policing uses crime pattern analysis to indicate where offences are most likely to occur next.
Given the ability to ‘predict crimes’ logic dictates we should concentrate our policing efforts in these areas which are mapped as circular zones around victim’s addresses.
Resources are directed to conduct intensive patrols within these zones, supported by the process known as “cocooning”.
These zones are shared with key partners such as Community Safety Accredited organisations,

Following a burglary, we will visit near neighbours, the number of dwellings to be visited will be site specific, but would normally include 10 houses either side, 10 in front and 5 behind (see map below).
Attending officers will conduct an initial assessment of security and vulnerability which may inform referrals to other scheme such as crime prevention officers or local handy man schemes.
These households will receive bespoke crime prevention advice and reassurance.

Staff will also be expected to advise householders of ECM by providing a postcard and encouraging them to sign up. This process should be followed up by sending an ECM dwelling burglary message (using standard template) to the local area.

The success of Operation Insight is continually assessed and currently indicates a 9% decrease in offences year on year.