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Security Marking Kits Special Offer

by Paul Wadley on Thu, 26th Nov 2015 3:19 pm

Selecta DNA have provided Neighbourhood Watch with a special offer with a pack to mark property and personal belongings.

Please go to the Down Load section to find the information flyer.

You will need to go to the Selecta DNA website shown on the flyer. You select the product and enter the code to obtain the discount. ( You will need to use the registration page on the HNWatch website to request the special code). You order and purchase the special pack, or any other product via the Selecta DNA website, not via Harlow Neighbourhood Watch. The reason is once you have made a purchase Selecta DNA allocate a unique property code to you. The code is embedded into the solution you mark your property and items with. Being unique to each purchaser, the code is stored within Selecta DNA database that is accessed to identify your property if stolen. Full details as to how the system operates is on the Selecta DNA website.

Enter  into your browser. At the bottom of that page, enter the code: (Please contact us and we will give you the code. Use the registration page on this website)

Once you have entered the code it will then take you to the Check Out page to complete your purchase.