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About Harlow Neighbourhood Watch

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch HNW, like other Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the country, aims to harness the willingness of local people to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community. This activity helps the police and other official bodies to minimise crime and anti-social activity.

Through this website, Harlow Neighbourhood Watch will be providing the latest crime activity in west Essex. Currently we are experiencing burglaries in Harlow, theft of catalytic converters from private cars and vans and the ongoing problem of the theft of metal that ranges from drain covers, communication networks and commemorative plaques.

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch cannot solve these local crimes or catch the bogus callers preying on the elderly and the vulnerable. We, as responsible people have to take part ownership of keeping a look out for suspicious activity in the area where we live and liaise through the communication system of HNW, or with your local Police Community Support Officers, with the Harlow Police teams.

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch is welcoming new volunteer members, including our younger members of Harlow, hence the addtion to this website of a youth page aimed at involving Harlow Schools into this community of like minded people.

In addition to its members acting as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community, Harlow Neighbourhood Watch also aims to promote positive activities for young people in the town. So Harlow Neighbourhood Watch set up the ‘Harlow Baseball Project’, with the aim of getting young people in the area to learn and play baseball.

You can register your interest to become a volunteer member of Harlow Neighbourhood Watch. We will assist you in a number of ways to become the eyes and ears of your local neighbourhood by helping you build a team of volunteers in your area. This cannot be achieved overnight, but we have a number of resources within Harlow Neighbourhood Watch we can draw on and we have the full support of the local Community Policing teams across the town to get you up and running. Please use the registration form to make contact with Harlow Neighbourhood Watch. We have every confidence that by working together, as a team in partnership with our Community Policing Teams, we can make a difference.

Towergate Insurance sponsors the national neighbourhood watch scheme and will provide competitve discounts on home insurance for members of their local neighbourhood watch. There is a link into their website below or

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch has a dedicated telephone number to receive important, confidential information that you may want to pass onto the Police through us as an option to using the crime stoppers free phone number or calling the Police. That telephone number is: 07546 293072(24 hours).